1. PICK a piece of pottery
  2. CHOOSE your design and colors
  3. PAINT away as slowly or fast as you want
  4. LEAVE the rest to us
  5. COME BACK  in a week to pick up and paint again!

PICK! We easily have the largest selection! Over 400 different pieces to choose from! Prices of pottery start at $4, plus ½ for Studio Fee. This way, you are only paying for the amount of supplies you probably will use and multiple people can work on the same piece. Average final cost is $20-25.

CHOOSE! We have a huge variety of colors and specialty glazes. Bring in pictures and samples and we will find a way to help you paint it!

PAINT! And take your time. If you can’t finish today, simply take your piece with you and bring it back when you are ready to paint again for no extra charge. It typically takes 2 hours. Hey! Don’t clean up that table! We clean up.

LEAVE your piece with us for one week. Paint on Tuesday, pick up next Tuesday. We will apply a clear glaze to your pottery and fire it in our kiln. Our glazes are all lead free.

COME BACK & pick up your Beautiful Bisque. All pottery is food safe. You can say “I made that!” – and yes you will be proud.