To-Go-Go Kids Options – Acrylic


Kids pottery painted with acrylic paint does not need to be returned to Pottery by You. If you would like a clear gloss spray added to your item, bring it to Pottery by You and we will add for no additional charge.

Note that mugs are not food safe if painted with acrylic paint.

Selection may be different than the pictures shown. If your pottery choice is not available, Pottery by You will contact you right away.

If you choose the delivery option, choose the distance from Pottery by You. If not sure, just let us know and we will help you figure it out.

We are closed on Sunday. Any order placed on Sunday will be fulfilled on Monday. Thanks!

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If you have a frequent Fire Card, add your number or name it is under and we will add your points for today’s purchase. If you do not have a card, let us know and we will create one for you.

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