To-Go-Go Art Supplies – Acrylic


Wanting to freestyle with painting? We have some fun options to allow the inner artists out!

  1. Choose our 8″x10″ canvas set which is perfect for the kiddos under 5 that perhaps aren’t the best at following step-by-step instructions.
  2. Choose our standard sized 16″x20″ canvas for that painting you’ve always wanted to try.
  3. Choose your favorite wooden MDF cutout shape. These are around 18″ and easy to paint. They make wonderful door decorations! Looking for ideas, just search for “jar” wood cutout ideas. Lots of fun things out there. If hanging outside, we suggest spraying with a sealant.

Each kit contains brushes, apron and a basic set of acrylic paint colors. If you want to change up the palette for something specific let us know in the notes. If you think you need more paint, add a color for a dollar.

You can choose curbside pick up at Pottery by You, shipping via USPS or we will deliver to your front porch. If you choose the delivery option, choose the distance from Pottery by You. If not sure, just let us know and we will help you figure it out.

We are closed on Sunday. Any order placed on Sunday will be fulfilled on Monday. Thanks!

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